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The Sims: Hints & Tips
Do not keep your Sims up all night! They need rest and to wake up early to get ready to go to work.
If you put in the money cheats, don't get a job for your sims, b/c it is just a waste of time.
To have a baby, you have to make your boy and girl sims kiss a ton of times.
You HAVE to stay by the baby all the time so the Secret Service doesn't come and get it. Put a bed by your babies crib so you can get to your baby when it cries.
Feed your sim kids before they go to school and when they get home. You have to keep them happy, or they might die.
Keep your sims happy or the will throw a big hissy fit and die.
If one of your sims dies, have one of your sims get out there by it's grave at 11:30 and a ghost will apear and haunt them. The ghost looks like the sims who died.
Put enough bathrooms, kitchens, beds, tables, tv, any kind of entertainment, mirrors, chairs, etc. so your sims will stay happy.
If you build a pool w/ only a diving board and no stairs, your sims will drown when there energy runs down.

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