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The Sims: Cheats
To activate the Cheats bar press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [C]

Version 1.0: KLAPAUCIUS - gives you 1000 dollars
Version 1.1: ROSEBUD - gives you 1000 dollars

WATER TOOL - you can put water around your home
CAM_MODE - camera toggles
MUSIC - music toggle
SOUND - sound toggle
HTML - web page creation toggle
SOUNDEVENT - yoggle w/ sound event
RELOAD_PEOPLE - total reload of skins, people, suits, animations
SET HOUR - set hour to what time you want (1-24)
SET_LIMIT - set max milliseconds for simulator
SIM_SPEED - set speed to (-1000 to +1000)
INTERESTS - will let you change your interests and personalities of your sims
AUTONMY - let's your Sim's think for themselves (0-100)
GROW GRASS - make the grass short or tall (0-150)
MANSION - the best house
BUBBLE_TWEAK - set though bubble z offset
ASSERT - force assert to test
SIM_LOG END - stop sim logging
SIM_LOG BEGIN - start sim logging
DEBUG_SOCIAL - show social dialogue choices
DRAW_ORIGINS - show person's origin
DUMP_HAPPY - send person's interactions to file
DUMP_MC - send person's motive contribution curve to a file
EDIT_GRASS - make gras change value
LOT SIZE - set the lot size
EDIT CHAR - create a character mode
DRAW_ROUTES ON - show person's route
DRAW_ROUTES OFF - show people's route off
HISTORY - save family history file
HIST_ADD - add new family history stat to family
IMPORT - import family file
VISITOR_CONTROL - toggle w/ the visitor through your keyboard
LOG_MASK - set evet logging mask
DRAW_FLOORABLE ON - enable floorable grid
DRAW_FLOORABLE OFF - disable floorable grid
MAP EDIT ON - edit map
MAP EDIT OFF - edit map off
MOVE_OBJECTS - move any object
PREVIEW_ANIMS ON - preview animations on
PREVIEW_ANIMS OFF - preview animations off
PREPARE_LOT - fix required lot objects
ROTATION - rotate camera
ROUTE BALLOONS OFF - basic tutorial disable
DRAW ALL FRAMES ON - draw all frames
DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF - draw all frames disable
TILE INFO ON - show tile info
TILE INFO OFF - hide tile info
SWEEP OFF - disable ticks
SWEEP ON - enable ticks
! - repeats the last cheat entered 1 time
!;!;!;!; - repeats the last cheat entered 4 times

Lots of Money

If you put in the money code above for your version, and do the repeat last code cheat. You will get more money. but if you put in the repeat last code as many times as you can in the box, then type in Ddd at the very very end and keep pressing enter. You will get more money for everytime you press enter. The limit is when you reach $999,999,999. Note: It will say no such cheat, but it will work!

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