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SimTower: Hints & Tips


Build a lobby in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. You will recieve $20,000,000. Note: This cheat only works when you don't build anything first.
To Build a three story lobby- Press [Ctrl] + [Shift]. You can only make it on the first level though. You can also make a two story lobby, press [Ctrl].
If you put a staircase on your threestory lobby, or an escalator, and it will look really fancy.

Hints & Tips

This is one of the most challenging SIM games. It took me until year 28 until I finally beat it.
First DO NOT put condos until you get your tower up to floor 65 or so, you will just go bankrupt.
Build in block. Ex: Floors 2-15 are offices, and floors 16-30 are hotels.
Only build offices until your 15 floor. You get money after every weekend.
Build restraunts and fast food places on your second floor.
Only build shops and restraunts below the first floor. Don't build a cinema until you get ALOT of money. Build party halls instead, they bring more guests.
For every VIP suite, you have to have a parking space for it. Build out your lobby so you can build ramps and parking spots so your offices and VIP's can park.
For hotel rooms, put a cleaning station at the end of each floor. Your rooms will get cleaned. Put service elavators for the maids to go to floor to floor.

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