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SimCity 3000: Cheats
To activate the Cheats bar press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [C]

nerdz rool - Clean, high-tech industries will build in your industrial zones
I am weak - no charges for building
Salt On - turn water into salt water
Salt Off - turn salt water into fresh water
I love red tape - turn year back to 1900
garbage in, garbage out - all garbage structures
water in the desert - all water structures
power to the masses - all power structures
pay tribute to your king - all rewards and oppurtunities
let's make a deal - connected neighbors ask for deals
call cousin vinnie - petitioner will offer u money
zyxwvu - only if u decline Vinnie u will get the Sim Castle
stop forcing advice - advisors stop advising

Lots of Money

Because there is no money code for SimCity 3000, here is a way to earn a ton of money. First u have to go into SimCity 2000 and start a new city. Put in the money code for SimCity 2000 (located in my SimCity 2000 section). Then when u have the amount of money that u want, open the city in SimCity 3000. You will now have a lot of money to use on ur city. You can then use the other cheats that you want to use.

*** I DO NOT place cheats on my site that DO NOT help the game. All these cheats help you with the game and DO work ***

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